Change Of Plans For Next Weeks’ Show

Change Of Plans For Next Weeks’ Show
Change Of Plans For Next Weeks’ Show

Hey everyone, just wanted to give you a quick update on next weeks show.

I know everyone was excited to have the Lana Del Rey impersonator on next week but unfortunately she has had to cancel due to a ruptured vocal cord. She had previously had surgery on her vocal cords and thought she’d be prepared for the show but unfortunately this has happened. We wish her the best in her recovery.

As such we’ve had to make a change of plans. Instead of a Lana Del Rey impersonator the next best thing has happened. We’ve now got an Ariana Grande impersonator that will be singing her own song. I know there will be people out there disappointed and others that are super excited, so let’s just try and focus on the positives hey!

If you haven’t yet, make sure you sign up for our radio show. We’ve got loads of students here with hidden talents so you will want to listen out. Who knows, we might locate our own Keith Urban here.

I also want to remind you all that we will be introducing a new host to the show. Her name is Rachel and she has loads of experience in hosting events but little experience in hosting a radio show. I’ve taken on the task to train her. We do share one thing in common though and that is our love for music, and actually we have almost the exact same taste (which is difficult because we both like such varied types of music).

We’ll also be going over the news. I’m sure you’ll all be familiar with the story of the 14 year old that just graduated!

I know there are loads of changes this week but feel confident that the nature of the show wont be changing. We’ll still be playing the same music and you can feel confident in the knowledge that you friends will still be there viewing you from the quad.

Make sure you tune in! See you then.

An Interview with the Dean of Students

Not long ago we asked what you would like to hear about on our show. We did this through the Facebook page and received loads of responses. We were super pleased with the result and want to thank everyone who voted for what they wanted to hear. Every vote we receive matters and it helps us make our show even better for you.

One of the things that we kept reading were to have an interview with the dean of students. You have questions you want to ask him, and guess what? We have granted your wish! This week we will be discussing with the dean of students the questions you asked.

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